Monday, 16 July 2018

How to knit bobble Stitch

Since I've got two beanies that requires MB stitches, I thought I better show how to create them.  Bobbles are a good way to add texture to any project you are making, it can also adds contrast to any dull project you want to create. Here are the steps to help you understand how they are made:

Step 1: knit to the desire stitch as shown on the pattern (I have placed a red marker where the bobble is to be added)

Step 2: Increase the one stitch to five (this creates the bobble by increase 5 stitches from the one stitch). To achieve this, knit into the front and back of the stitch 2 times without dropping the stitch from the left needle then knit into the front 1 time and drop the stitch from the left needle.  

You will have 5 stitches on your right needle.

Step 3:  Turn you work and purl across the five stitches you just created.

Purl row finished.

Step 4:  Turn work again and knit across. 

Step 5:  Repeat this again by turning work and purl, turn once more and knit across the five stitches

Step 6:  Decrease the five stitches back to one stitch by slip the second stitch on the right needle over the first stitch.  Repeat this four times.  You will have one stitch left infront of the mark after you finish.
Completed bobble. :)


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