Monday, 16 July 2018

Bobble beanie

As this is a free pattern, pattern is for personal use only and may not be sold, photocopied or copied electronically or distributed in any way.   Please don't sell the toy you've made, and please provide credit for the design of the pattern to myself (Knitterbees).

1. 8 ply weight cotton
2. 3.75mm 60cm circular needles/ 3.75 DPN or size needed to obtain gauge.

Colours for Bobble beanie:
Any colour you prefer

Knitterbees stitch dictionary:
co: cast on
dpns: double pointed needles
k: knit
k2tog: knit the next two stitches together.
mb: make bobble
p: purl
pm: place marker
St st: stockinette/stocking stitch. k a row, purl a row. (In the round however you must knit every round.)
st(s): stitch(es)

NOTE: link to show you how to make MB

Hat size:
Small: 2-4 years
Large: adult

With the circular needle cast on 96/120 stitches. Join to work in the round, being careful not to twist the stitches.  ( for every mb, you can change yarn to different colour to your preference).

Rnd 1-6: ribbed band (k1, p1), repeat to end of round.
Rnd 7-8: k all sts
Rnd 9: k11/14, mb, k23/29, mb, k23/29, mb, k23/29, mb, k11/14
Rnd 10-24: k all sts (15 rows)
Rnd 25: k23/29, mb, k23/29, mb, k23/29, mb, k23/29, mb,
Rnd 26-30: k all sts (15 rows)
Rnd 31-62: Repeat rnd 9-30 one time
Rnd 63: Repeat rnd 9 one time

Start decreasing from here
Rnd 64:  (k10/13, k2tog) 8 times 
Rnd 65:  (k9/12, k2tog) 8 times 
Rnd 66: k all sts
Rnd 67:  (k8/11, k2tog) 8 times 
Rnd 68:  (k7/10, k2tog) 8 times 
Rnd 69: k all sts
Rnd 70:  (k6/9, k2tog) 8 times 
Rnd 71:  (k5/8, k2tog) 8 times 
Rnd 72: k all sts
Rnd 73:  (k4/7, k2tog) 8 times 
Rnd 74:  (k3/6, k2tog) 8 times 
Rnd 75:  (k2/5, k2tog) 8 times 
Rnd 76:  (k1/4, k2tog) 8 times 
Size small: (k2tog) 8 times.  Thread yarn tail through remaining 8 sts and draw closed tightly.
Size large, Rnd 77:  (k3, k2tog) 8 times 
Rnd 78:  (k2, k2tog) 8 times 
Rnd 79:  (k1, k2tog) 8 times 

Rnd 80:  (k2tog) 8 times  Thread yarn tail through remaining 8 sts and draw closed tightly.



  1. Very fun and cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I want one for me! Thanks for sharing:)

  3. How do you change colors for the bobbles?

  4. This is absolutely adorable! I was just about to cast on for Miffy, but got sidetracked and saw this, and now I can't decide which to knit first! (BTW, I should add that I made a Miffy bunny two years ago as an Easter present for my then-11-year-old daughter, and she absolutely loved it. Said it was so much better than any bunny bought from a store!)