Sunday, 2 December 2012

Hello Kitty plush toy pattern

This pattern is for the Hello Kitty that I have made for a wedding present for my best friend's wedding.  It is designed to match the Elmo plush toy she had given to her fiance. It stands 48cm tall so she's quite large.  A size 00 baby dress will fit perfectly on her.
As this is a free pattern, pattern is for personal use only and may not be sold, photocopied or copied electronically or distributed in any way.   Please don't sell the toy you've made, and please provide credit for the design of the pattern to myself (Knitterbees).

1.       10 ply weight wool or acrylic. (I've used Moda Vera 10 ply white and red acrylic  yarn)
2.       3.75mm 60cm circular needles/ 3.75 DPN or size needed to obtain gauge.
3.       Small piece of acrylic/wool felt in white and red.
4.       white and yellow felt or buttons for eyes and nose
5.       Stitch marker
6.       Polyester stuffing
7.       Yarn needle
8.       Embroidery needles
9.       Black and yellow thread
10.     Stitch holders

Colours for Hello Kitty:
MC –white
CC1 - Red

Knitterbees stitch dictionary:
CC: contrasting color (CC1= contrasting color 1 etc.)
co: cast on
dpns: double pointed needles
k: knit
k2tog: knit the next two stitches together.
Kfb: knit front and back
MC: main color
p: purl
pm: place marker
sl: slip
ssk: slip next 2 sts knitwise onto your right needle, insert left needle purlwise into the front of the sts & knit them together.
St st: stockinette/stocking stitch. k a row, purl a row. (In the round however you must knit every round.)
st(s): stitch(es)
yo: yarn over

With the circular needle cast on 8 stitches (MC). Pm on the first st.  (knit from neck up).
Row 1 (MC): kfb 8 times. (16sts)
Row 2 (MC): (k1, kfb) 8 times (24sts)
Row 3 (MC): (k2, kfb) 8 times (32sts)
Row 4 (MC): k all sts
Row 5 (MC): (k3, kfb) 8 times (40sts)
Row 6 (MC): k all sts
Row 7 (MC): (k4, kfb) 8 times (48sts)
Row 8 (MC): k all sts
Row 9 (MC): (k5, kfb) 8 times (56sts)
Row 10 (MC): k all sts
Row 11 (MC): (k6, kfb) 8 times (64sts)
Row 12 (MC): k all sts
Row 13 (MC): (k7, kfb) 8 times (72sts)
Row 14 (MC): k all sts
Row 15 (MC): (k8, kfb) 8 times (80sts)
Row 16 (MC): k all sts.
Row 17 (MC): (k9, kfb) 8 times (88sts)
Row 18 (MC): k all sts.
Row 19 (MC): (k10, kfb) 8 times (96sts)
Row 20 (MC): k all sts.
Row 21 (MC): (k11, kfb) 8 times (104sts)
Row 22 (MC): k all sts.
Row 23 (MC): (k12, kfb) 8 times (112sts)
Row 24-36 (MC): k all sts. 12 rows
Row 37 (MC): (k12, k2tog) 8 times (104sts)
Row 38 (MC): k all sts.
Row 39 (MC): (k11, k2tog) 8 times (96sts)
Row 40 (MC): k all sts.
Row 41 (MC): (k10, k2tog) 8 times (88sts)
Row 42 (MC): k all sts.
Row 43 (MC): (k9, k2tog) 8 times (80sts)
Row 44 (MC): k all sts.
Row 45 (MC): (k8, k2tog) 8 times (72sts)
Row 46 (MC): k all sts.
Row 47 (MC): (k7, k2tog) 8 times (64sts)
Row 48 (MC): k all sts.
Row 49 (MC): (k6, k2tog) 8 times (56sts)
Row 50 (MC): k all sts.
Row 51 (MC): (k5, k2tog) 8 times (48sts)
Row 52 (MC): k all sts.
Row 53 (MC): (k4, k2tog) 8 times (40sts)
Row 54 (MC): k all sts.
Row 55 (MC): (k3, k2tog) 8 times (32sts)
Row 56 (MC): k all sts.
Row 57 (MC): (k2, k2tog) 8 times (24sts)
Row 58 (MC): k all sts.
Row 59 (MC): (k1, k2tog) 8 times (16sts)
Cut yarn and draw loosely through remaining sts.  Stuff head firmly then pull yarn tail tight to close.  Weave in ends.

Cut out eye and nose and sew to head using the photos as a guide.

Pick up 48 stitches as indicated by Diagram 1, using MC. Divide stitches between 4 dpns. Place a stitch marker on the first stitch.
Row 1-5 (MC): knit in the round. 5 rows.
Row 6 (MC): (k4, k2tog) 8 times (40sts)
Row 7-10 (MC): knit. 4 rows.
Row 11 (MC): (k3, k2tog) 8 times (32sts)
Row 12-14 (MC): knit. 3 rows.
Row 15 (MC): (k2, k2tog) 8 times (24sts)
Row 16-17 (MC): knit. 2 rows.
Row 18 (MC): (k1, k2tog) 8 times (16sts)
Row 19 (MC): knit. 4 rows.
Cut yarn and draw loosely through remaining sts.  Stuff head firmly then pull yarn tail tight to close.  Weave in ends.

Pick up stitches for ears on top of head using the photos as a guide.

Diagram 1

With the circular needle cast on 16 stitches (CC1). Pm on the first sts.
Row 1 (CC1): (kfb, k2, kfb) 4 times. (24sts)
Row 2 (CC1): (kfb, k4, kfb) 4 times. (32sts)
Row 3 (CC1): (kfb, k6, kfb) 4 times. (40sts)
Row 4-7 (CC1): k all sts
Row 8 (CC1): (k2tog, k16, k2tog) 2 times. (36sts)
Row 9 (CC1): (k2tog, k14, k2tog) 2 times. (32sts)
Row 10 (CC1): (k2tog, k12, k2tog) 2 times. (28sts)
Row 11 (CC1): (k2tog, k10, k2tog) 2 times. (24sts)
Row 12 (CC1): (k2tog, k8, k2tog) 2 times. (20sts)
Row 13 (CC1): (k2tog, k6, k2tog) 2 times. (16sts)
Row 14 (CC1): (k2tog, k4, k2tog) 2 times. (12sts)
Row 15-18 (CC1): k all sts
Row 19 (CC1): (kfb, k4, kfb) 2 times. (16sts)
Row 20 (CC1): (kfb, k6, kfb) 2 times. (20sts)
Row 21 (CC1): (kfb, k8, kfb) 2 times. (24sts)
Row 22 (CC1): (kfb, k10, kfb) 2 times. (28sts)
Row 23 (CC1): (kfb, k12, kfb) 2 times. (32sts)
Row 24 (CC1): (kfb, k14, kfb) 2 times. (36sts)
Row 25 (CC1): (kfb, k16, kfb) 2 times. (40sts)
Row 26-29 (CC1): k all sts
Row 30 (CC1): (k2tog, k6, k2tog) 4 times. (32sts)
Row 31 (CC1): (k2tog, k4, k2tog) 4 times. (24sts)
Row 32 (CC1): (kfb, k2, kfb) 4 times. (16sts)
Bind off using kitchener stitches.

Bow tie:
With the straight needle cast on 6 stitches (CC1).
Row 1-28 (CC1): k all sts

(make 2) Directions the same for both sizes.
With the circular needle cast on 6 stitches (CC1). Join to work in the round, being careful not to twist the stitches. Place a stitch marker on the first stitch.
Row 1 (CC1): kfb 6 times (12sts)
Row 2 (CC1): (k1, kfb) 6 times (18sts)
Row 3 (CC1): (k2, kfb) 6 times (24sts)
Row 4 (CC1): (k3, kfb) 6 times (30sts)
Row 5 (CC1): (k4, kfb) 6 times (36sts)
Row 6 (CC1): (k5, kfb) 6 times (42sts)
Row 7-11 (CC1): k all sts
Change yarn to MC.
Row 12-14 (MC): k all sts
Row 15 (MC): (k5, k2tog) 6 times (36sts)
Row 16-28 (MC): k all sts
Row 29 (MC): ssk, k32, k2tog (34sts)
Row 30-40 (MC): k all sts
Row 41 (MC): kfb, k to last st, kfb (36sts)
Row 42 (MC): k all sts
Row 43 (MC): kfb, k30, kfb (38sts)
Row 16 (MC): k all sts, backward loop cast on 2. (40sts)
Break yarn. Move stitches to your stitch holders. Make a second leg, repeat above instructions. Divide the stitches on to your circular needle with 19 sts on one needle and 21 sts on the other with the cast on facing.
Reattach MC and begin knitting from here.

Row 1-22 (MC): k all sts.
Row 23 (MC): (k8, k2tog) 8 times (72sts)
Row 24-29 (MC): k all sts
Row 30 (MC): (k7, k2tog) 8 times (64sts)
Row 31-36 (MC): k all sts
Row 37 (MC): (k6, k2tog) 8 times (56sts)
Row 38-42 (MC): k all sts
Row 43(MC): (k5, k2tog) 8 times (48sts)
Row 44-48 (MC): k all sts
Row 49 (MC): (k4, k2tog) 8 times (40sts)
Row 50-53 (MC): k all sts
Bind off remaining 37 stitches.

Arms: (knit from top of arm down)
(make 2) Directions the same for both sizes.
With the circular needle cast on 8 stitches (MC). Join to work in the round, Place a stitch marker on the first st.
Row 1 (MC): kfb 8 times. (16sts)
Row 2 (MC): (k1, kfb) 8 times (24sts)
Row 3-40 (MC): k all sts
Row 41 (MC): k2, (k1, kfb) 4 times, k to marker. (28sts)
Row 42-48 (MC): k all sts
Row 49 (MC): k2tog. Repeat to marker. (14sts) Insert stuffing before hole gets too small.
Row 50 (MC): (ssk, k3, k2tog) 2 times. (10sts)
Divide stitches between 2 dpns and bind off using kitchener stitch.

Stuff the body firmly to the shape you desire. Using the photo as a guide, place the head on the top of the body. Seam around edge of the neck. Line up the arms against the side of the body and sew in place.

perfect pair….



  1. Any idea how many meters or yards of the main color of yarn needed to complete the Kitty?

  2. Hi, i bought the moda vera baby 10 ply 250g 487m. i only used 80% of one ball. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi, She is adorable, thanks for sharing with everyone.... she could probably be made smaller by, adjusting your yarn to Dk or #3 weight, and using a size 2 or 3 needle..... will give it a try, and see what size she works up to be.

  4. thanks Chiwaluv. hope you'll love knitting her.

  5. I love the patterns, the only problem is should it not be one row purl one row plain other wise it will not look like what you made

    1. Hi, what do you mean one row purl one row plain? the pattern is written all in knit, no purling is needed.

    2. It's circular knitting, done on double-pointed needles.
      You could do it on circular needles too - those are 2 needles with a cable connecting them together.
      Hope this helps.

  6. Hi so I have a question about the pattern. I am part of a knit club at my university and we do a sale and donation every semester. The way we found that works best is that we donate things that don't sell or get done in time for the sale. here's the thing I wanted to make one of these. Any money we get goes to buy more yarn and needles to teach more people. If it is okay with you I would like to make this one of our sellable items, if not I would donate it to Children's Hospital of Philly when we did our donation. my email is I really hope to hear from you. Thanks, this pattern really is wonderful

  7. Hi Christine, thank you for your comment. Of cos you can use my pattern for good course. If you hv any question regarding the pattern please don't hesitate to contact me.
    Thanks shirley

  8. Hi there I am making this for my 6yr old who is hello Kitty Mad Is the body cast on 80Stitches and knit for 22 rows then continue.

  9. I thought u used the legs on up for the body

  10. Hi there Anonymous

    I think you are right thats the 80stitches.
    Thanks for pointing it out.

  11. There is mistake in BOW.

    You write
    Row 32 (CC1): (kfb, k2, kfb) 4 times. (16sts)

    And MUST BE
    Row 32 (CC1): (k2tog, k2, k2tog) 4 times. (16sts)

  12. There is another mistake. Now in LEG.

    You wrote
    Row 43 (MC): kfb, k30, kfb (38sts)

    And MUST BE
    Row 43 (MC): kfb, k34, kfb (38sts)

  13. Question with BODY.

    You wrote
    Row 49 (MC): (k4, k2tog) 8 times (40sts)
    Row 50-53 (MC): k all sts
    Bind off remaining 37 stitches.

    Why we bind off only 37sts? Maybe it's mistake and you mean 40sts?

  14. has anyone knitted the body up in 2 parts

  15. no but did do it on normal needles and stitched the back up

  16. hi are the needle sizes UK or USA?

  17. Hi,

    I've asked you a question on Ravelry regarding this cute pattern.

    Kindest Regards,

  18. I'm South Korea knitter.
    친절한 패턴에 감사.
    패턴 공부 다 하고 이제 시작합니다.
    thank you!!!

  19. can this pattern for hello kitty be done on normal needles from this pattern

    1. I think it would be possible depending on your skill level of knitting.

  20. just found this pattern and although I don't knit in the round am hoping to adjust to straight needles. You are a talented person to come up with this pattern. Thanks

  21. hi. I have just starting the head on hello kitty the picture is in stocking stitch, but when knitting it, every row says knit there are no purl rows the head is all garter stitch sorry confused

  22. ive question how do u make amount stits in all just 40 when u count at end other leg has same to ?

  23. ger I just saw ur comment I make it 80sts to

  24. what a wonderful pattern. Congratulations. I have 3 great granddaughters and they are all kitty mad. can I purchase the pattern from you please? I don't have a printer.

  25. Thank you for the lovely pattern, I am trying to make it for my Grand-daughters third birthday, but am having trouble commencing with 8 stitches on the circular needles, think my brain has gone to mush. (I have knitted various items on circs).

  26. In regard to my above comment, do you cast on magic loop method?

  27. Thank you for providing such an adorable free pattern to the public! I shall be giving her a go here when I get some more white Simply Soft (I like the shine for stuffies).

    Is it possible that you could elaborate a bit more on how to make up the bow for the head portion? I'm a tad confused as to how it's put together. I see from your photo you have it stuffed but there is no mention of stuffing it in the pattern.


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