Free Patterns

Bobble Beanie - pattern available here

Angry Bird-Green Pigpattern available here

 Angry Bird-Red Bird - pattern available here

 Angry Bird-Yellow Bird - pattern available here

Mr Gnomepattern available here

Little Big Planet Sackboy pattern available here
(alterations to Alan Dart's Sackboy) 

Red Bird Golf Club Cover - pattern available here

Miffy - pattern available here

Hello kitty - pattern available here


  1. The Red Bird Golf Club Cover is awesome!!! Thank you!!!

  2. I would love a golf club cover for the pig and yellow bird too, and if you could also look at Minecraft characters for knitting, dolls and club covers it would be awesome!

  3. I love Mr Gnome!! Very cute!

  4. Do you have a knitting pattern for a Minecraft golf club cover?

  5. didnot help me much explain how to do it step by step with images

    1. Rude. It's a free pattern. How about a "please" or a "thank you"? (not to mention some punctuation so we can understand what you are...saying? asking? without having to read it five times)

  6. Can you knit Luna the cat from SailorMoon?

  7. Do you happen to have a cow golf head cover pattern?

  8. I clicked on the link for the miffy pattern but nothing showed up. Is there another way to access it?

  9. merci pour tout ces jolis modéles dommage que je ne sais pas l'anglais

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  12. Please can you explain whether I am to use dpns or circular when only having cast on 3 stitches for fairies right leg etc as you suggest circular throughout pattern do not see where dpns are used.
    Please help as want to start this project .
    Thank you