Monday, 7 November 2011

Angry Bird Golf Club Cover

A gift for my mentor plus colleague.  He's also a super fan of angry birds so I thought I'll knit him a red angry birds golf cover.  My bf and I took it to the range for some photos after work.  Feisty looking fellow.  I think I need to knit one for myself too.!!!
Pattern available here.



  1. Ha ha ha! You are so talented!
    (yarnorgy on Ravelry)

  2. LOVE the idea and it came out amazing. will you be making any of the other birds, or a pig ball cozy?

  3. Starting on row 61, I don't understand this? To me it reads k all sts, but I am sure if that were the case it would be written as such. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks, Ruth

    Row 1-20(CC1): (k2p2) repeat
    Change to 3.25mm circular needle. Row 21-60(CC1): (k2p2) repeat
    Change to 4.00mm circular needle. Row 61: k5, k38, k5,
    Row 62: k6, k36, k6,
    Row 63: k7, k34, k7,
    Row 64: k8, k32, k8,
    Row 65: k9, k30, k9,
    Row 66: k10, k28, k10,
    Row 67: k11, k26, k11,
    Row 68: k12, k24, k12,
    Row 69: k13, k22, k13,
    Row 70: k14, k20, k14,
    Row 71: k16, k16, k16,
    Row 72-92: knit. 48st
    Row 93: (k2tog) repeat. 24st
    Row 94: knit
    Row 95: (k2tog) repeat. 12st

    1. hi u need to change different colour yarn when the text are in red, or change to white if the text are in white. hope this helps.

    2. I have never changed colours in the middle of a row before! I am up to row 61 and have looked on-line to find out how. I am afraid to make a mess and end up losing the first 60 rows. I cannot seem to find a tutorial about changing colours and then changing back ....

  4. Anonymous: read the pattern again. The parts written on red are to be knitted in red. Thus in row 61 you knit 5 in red, then back in the contrasting color, then back to red.

  5. Hi - just to let you know that I love this pattern and have have some changes to use it a little different. You are welcome to loook:

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  8. Where can I find the pattern 🥺

  9. I cannot find the pattern for downloading 😢😢

  10. I cannot find the pattern for downloading 😢😢

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  12. I am having a hard time finding the pattern. Is it available in English?

    Thank You Valerie