Monday, 15 October 2012


zOomiger is really a pussy cat.  He wears a tiger outfit and a fake tail so that he can pretend to be a tiger, but he is given away by his meow.  Wearing the tiger outfit didn't boost his self-esteem as he is still extremely shy and timid.  He has a fear of mice, when he sees one, his eyes bloat up like balloons.

Price: $4.99
Digital pattern PDF files only

This pattern has 5 pages of photos, and written instructions so you can do it quickly.
Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Skills used: Basic knit stitch, increases, decreases, knitting in the round, basic embroidery skills.

Note: Since it is knitted in the round, there's no messy seaming, special for somebody who don't love to sew.

1.   8 ply weight wool or acrylic. (I have used Thorobred 8ply 100% acrylic for MC and used about half a ball.) Yarn in light brown for MC, dark brown for CC1,  white for CC2 and scrap yarn black for CC3.
2.   3.25mm 40cm circular needles/ 3.25 DPN or size needed to obtain gauge.
3.   Pieces of wool felt in white and pink 
4.   Buttons / plastic safety eyes/ scrap yarn for eyes
5.   Stitch marker
6.   Polyester stuffing
7.   Yarn needle
8.   Embroidery needles
9.   Black and white thread
10. Stitch holders

If you use thicker yarn and bigger size of needles you get a bigger toy.



  1. Hello. I hope someone can offer advice on my 2 dilemmas with this pattern:
    1. with the few stitches you have on the needle, how can you knit in the round without having long lengths of wool connecting the end of one row and the start of the next?
    2. With the orange section knitted into the white, what should I be doing to ensure that there are no gaps between the white and orange sections? Currently if I move the orange section, you can see a vertical gap between it and the white sections. What is the tip/trick?
    Thanks to whoever can offer advice. Bev

    1. Hi Bev
      1) if you google 'magic loop' you'll learn how to knit without connection.
      2) with all my toys, when I change colour, I do I knot to connect to the next colour as this will ensure a tight knit, an as you won't see the inside so the knot will not matter.
      Hope this helps. If any more question please don't hesitate to ask. Shirley