Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Red Bird and Green Pig Beanies

If you love the game, you’ll love this hat. I’m pretty sure everyone knows about the game, but for those who’s still blissfully unaware of its existence, it is a very simple, yet sickeningly addictive web game. It involves tossing cute birds at a bunch of green pigs, who have stolen their eggs. Once you start playing it's hard to stop and when there's cuteness, there's crafty potential.
My Boyfriend have completed nearly every level of this game and I thought I'll make one for him to wear... But noooo...he doesn't want to wear it, saying its too cute for him...not feeling appreciated, I'm still pretty proud of how the beanies turned out.

Yarn: Moda Vera, Marvel Plain 100% acrylic col1015, scraps of acrylic yarns for nose and eyes.
Needles: 3.25mm

Yarn: 100% wool, scraps of acrylic yarns for beak and eyes.
Needles: 4.5mm
Notes:  Worked the eyes in duplicate stitch. 

Photo of Me (left) and my colleague (right) with the beanies.  Glad someone is willing to put my beanies on.....



  1. Awesome beanies! Please share the patterns with us. My son loves them and I'd love to make him one for his birthday next month.

  2. I got connected here by seeing the pics on Ravelry. I would LOVE to make them for my kids for Christmas - they adore the game, but I see you are no longer allowed to sell the pattern (bummer). Can you offer them for free? I know that might be a bit bold of me to ask, but I think they look FANTASTIC and they would be a perfect gift!
    Just wondering!
    :-) Janna

  3. Hi sorry, but this pattern is no longer for purchase at the request of Rovio Entertainment. and i can't share the pattern as some people have already purchased the pattern and its not fair if i share them now. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  4. Oh, I understand the situation. Thanks for explaining - I didn't think about those who had already purchased.
    Well, they are very cute! You're quite talented!!!!

  5. maybe there is a way to ask the people who purchased the pattern if they would mind if you shared it for free. they are so cute !!! just saying... if i would had purchased the pattern , i would not mind sharing it. they looks like such Fun

  6. These are adorable! My children would love them. Please let me know if you work out a way to distribute the pattern again!

  7. i would so love this pattern, i hope you can find a way to post it for free. it's too bad the original people paid, but i'm sure they'd understand if you explained why.

  8. Alternatively, if you want to make the pattern widely available for free, you could send refunds to the people who originally purchased it. Then they wouldn't be out any more money than everyone else. :)

  9. Super cute hats. Sorry they made you deactivate the pattern. I did see someone else selling AB patterns on ravelry though.

    I totally get why you are not offering it up for free--you deserve to be paid for your pattern. Perhaps you could ask for a minimum donation for the pattern and that the knitter also promise to make an item for local charity.

  10. So sorry to hear that Rovio slapped your hand, you are not the only one though. Another designer did as well. I was fortunate to get all her designs before the cease and desist order though. Unfortunate that I had to miss out on this one though.

  11. Just love these patterns???? Is there yet any way of obtaining them???????
    Nice designs..!!

  12. well, so much for the generosity of a kind heart. smushed by big company bank rolls. Thanks anyway, love the patter and my godsons new baby would have looked adorable in one. You do great work.

  13. I really love these beanies!!! Is there any way I can get the patterns if I purchase your other patterns? Thank you!

  14. Thank you for the pattern, I made a beanie for a Scout Leader who has a thing for silly hats.

    I've added it to the page in Ravelry.

  15. I love what you did !
    It's so sad that you can't share the pattern because I Would have loved to see my daughter with one of those beanies.
    Thank anyway for your others patterns; I can't wait to make the red bird plush.


  16. Is there any way that you could sell the pattern. I have five grandchildren who would look adorable on Christmas morning!

    Could I make a "donation" to a favorite cause/charity...wink wink nod nod!

    That way you are not "selling" it!? Thanks...tnmimi chuktown@comcast.net.

    I love your other patterns and am knitting those up.

  17. I would also love to hear if there are any options available to obtain your patterns for these AB hats. I would also be happy to make a donation to a charity or something. These beanies are beautiful!

    1. If you go on Knittingparadise.com there is a pattern for an Angry bird hat for free very similar to this one!!