Thursday, 28 June 2012

Our first house...

Finally, after a few long months of house hunting.........we have found the perfect one.
With my very fussy Richard, I thought there won't be anything out there that would satisfy his requirement.
With the super sized section, I'll be designing my dream home in the future, but for now, we'll just have save hard to make that dream come true.....

 View from the house.

Warm and sunny.



  1. Excellent choice, Shirley! The way the house looks from the inside, as well as the view outside, are absolutely gorgeous. I wonder if that house also offers an excellent view of the sunset through the window. If so, that would be perfect! :)

  2. You're one lucky girl to have found this house, Shirley! Like Randy, I also think that the best thing about this house is the view of the sea and the town. It's nice to seat on the terrace and watch the sun's reflection on the sea. That would be totally relaxing! Heheh.

  3. What a nice view! I can very well see how high Richard’s standards are. Anyway, I want to have a house like this too – amazing view and wonderful interiors! There’s nothing more that I could ask for!

    -Genny Stutesman

  4. If you ask me what is the best thing in your house, I think it’s really the view you have right there. I have to agree with them; it is indeed fantastic! It’s really great to stand there and just enjoy the view outside. How long did it take you to find this house? I’m glad that you were able to get that perfect house for your family! Enjoy! :D