Monday, 4 July 2011

Cupcake hat

Wearable Cupcake hat.....Too cute to be edible.

Pattern: Cupcake hat designed by Becky Veverka of Chile Con Yarne  
Yarn: 100% alpaca 8ply for ribbed colour, Shephead baby wool merino 8ply for frosting.
Needles: I used 4mm needles instead of the 4.5mm as suggested
Notes:  I found the pattern too big to fit for babies, i would suggest casting on 48 for a baby size hat.
Ribbed colour for 1. 1/2".
Knit frosting color for 4" then start decreasing.
I also sewed on some different colour yarns for the sprinkles instead of using beads so no worries of them coming loose as a bead can.

It took a while for me to figure out how to make the nubble.  I found a useful tutorial from TheArtsyfartsy123.  All you need to do is cast on extra stitches by knitting into the stitch and placing the loop back on the left needle.  Then bind off the required number of stitches to create the nubble.


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  1. That was helpful and great pictures, by the way.